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Al Gore’s Geology 101

November 22, 2009 by The Staff at TheDP  
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Former Vice-President Al Gore has been making the rounds on the evening talk show circuit (again).

Speaking about geothermal energy, Mr. Gore insisted that one the temperature of the “interior of the earth” is “several million degrees,” and said that at a depth of 2km, we can drill and generate steam and turn turbines and generate electricity and everything.

Wow. Several million degrees. Now I finally get the whole global warming thing. It’s coming from underground.

We are happy to offer an Inconvenient Fact or two that might make this slightly more difficult:

1. The surface of the Sun is only 5,800°K.

2. The hottest section of the earth is at its core, where the temperature is NOT several million degrees, but estimated to be several thousand (5700°C).

3. At the boundary of the earth’s mantle, at a depth of 20-40 km, or 10 times deeper than Mr. Gore’s drill depth, the temperature of the earth’s crust is estimated to be about 200°C (392°F) to 400°C (752°F)

4. The temperature increases by as much as 30°C (about 50°F) for every kilometer locally in the upper part of the crust, but the geothermal gradient is smaller in deeper crust. Therefore, at the 2km depth alluded to by Mr. Gore, the temperature of the crust could be as little as 200°F. We need 212°F at sea level pressure to boil water to make steam.

5. There is only one place in our solar system where the temperature is “several million degrees.” That would be at the center of the SUN, where temps are estimated to be 13,600,000 °K.

It’s this type of exaggeration that undermines the credibility of Mr. Gore and his ilk. While we appreciate your enthusiasm for alternative energy sources, Mr. Gore, please check your facts before expounding. Or leave the science to the scientists.

Source for facts: Wikipedia

Grayson Humiliates Florida Again

Representative Alan Grayson (D-FL23) ran his mouth on television last night, in a friendly venue on MSNBC. In the process of doing so, he once again embarrassed the people in and around his district including Orlando, Florida.

In his own words, “By the way, I have trouble listening to what [Cheney] says sometimes because of the blood that drips from his teeth while he’s talking, but my response is this: he’s just angry because the President doesn’t shoot old men in the face. But by the way, when he was done speaking, did he just then turn into a bat and fly away?”

Wow. Is this guy for real? Maybe he’s unhappy in his work and is anxious to be a 1-term Congressman. One can only hope.

Contact Mr. Grayson, and let him know what you think of his diatribe, and how you plan to vote in the next election in Florida’s 8th District.

Alan Grayson and His Holocaust

Congressman Alan Grayson (D-FL) has once again demonstrated that partisan name-calling is still in vogue in Speaker Pelosi’s House of Representatives. According to Mr. Grayson, Republicans want us to “Die Quickly.”

Is this guy as much a jackass as he appears to be? How much are we paying this guy to give empty speeches that accomplish nothing and persuade no one?

I’m sure we can all agree that Mr. Grayson has enjoyed a prestigious education. From Wikipedia: Grayson was graduated from Bronx High School of Science, Harvard College, Harvard Law School, and holds a Master of Public Policy from Harvard’s JFK School of Government. He should be commended for those many years of effort and accomplishment in school. But how do we resolve the difference between his education and his rhetoric? It’s only his first term in Congress – how and where has he gone afoul already? Too many years as a practicing attorney, perhaps? Too beholden, too quickly, to House Leadership?

Also from Wikipedia, and Roll Call, Grayson was ranked as the 12th wealthiest member of Congress based on financial disclosure forms with a minimum net worth of $31.12 million. Money he has, grace he lacks. When called upon to apologize for his lack of decorum and civility on the floor of the USHOR, Grayson quipped, “I apologize to the dead and their families that we haven’t voted sooner to end this holocaust in America.”

Mr. Grayson has clearly, and in less than one year in office, become a partisan.

Contact Mr. Grayson, and let him know what you think of his rhetoric, and how you plan to vote in the next election in Florida’s 8th District.

“White Hoods,” Congressman?

September 18, 2009 by The Staff at TheDP  
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Congressman Hank Johnson (D-GA) obviously feels very strongly about the outburst of his colleague, Joe Wilson (R-SC). It seems as though Mr. Johnson believes that Americans will don hoods and gowns, join the KKK, and start “riding through the countryside intimidating people.” He added, “That’s the logical conclusion…”

Logical? The Daily Patriot hopes that the voters in Mr. Johnson’s district are “logical” when voting for their next Representative in November 2010.

Contact Mr. Johnson, and let him know what you think of his comments, and how you plan to vote in the next election in Georgia’s 4th District.

A Huge Fan of Van Jones

September 10, 2009 by The Staff at TheDP  
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Meg Whitman, former CEO of eBay, considered by many to be a leading Republican candidate for governor of California, told reporters in May that she is a “huge fan” of President Obama’s controversial ex-green jobs czar, Van Jones.

Is this an example of what can happen when would-be politicians become too star-struck with personalities in the entertainment or political industries? Or was Ms. Whitman simply practicing for new role as a “politician?”

(this video first spotted on Michelle Malkin’s blog.)

All the President's Czars – Part 1

September 9, 2009 by Mark Roknich  
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As we’ve reported “In Brief” over recent days, “green jobs czar” Van Jones has resigned. At this moment, the Senate is voting on a procedural motion involving the nomination of Cass Sunstein.

Mr. Sunstein has been chosen by President Obama to be his “regulatory czar,” the man in charge of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. What’s THAT, you ask? Mr. Sunstein would oversee regulations throughout the federal government, including the EPA, OSHA, and much more. Below are six interesting articles offering a variety of points of view about Mr. Sunstein and more of the President’s Czars. | Wall Street Journal Online | | Huffington Post | Economist | Julian Sanchez

The vote will take place today, September 9th, or tomorrow, September 10th. Have an opinion to offer to your Senator before the vote? Call them immediately from this list if you want your voice to be heard.

Your Utility Bills Will Skyrocket

“Under my plan, of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.”

In this rare moment of candor, this politician, then Senator Obama, provided an honest appraisal of his own philosophy.

“Can you get the American people to say this is really important….that requires mobilizing a citizenry. That requires them understanding what is at stake.”

No, President Obama, our “understanding” is not required. After all, aren’t we all just bumpkins who don’t understand? You, representing the Federal Government, already possess all that is required – the brute force of power. The Federal Government need not mobilize a citizenry as you suggest. The passage of HR 2454 in the USHOR is ample proof. Once the Executive Branch and a narrow majority in House & Senate have conspired behind closed doors to concoct legislation, it can often impose its will upon our entire nation. That’s right, about 279 people pushing an agenda, no matter how corrupt, self-congratulatory, or ill-advised.

Does the USA need an energy policy to insure its national security? Yes. Do we need to be force-fed this “cap and trade” bill? Surely not.

George Washington said it best, “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence. It is force, and like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”

BE A PATRIOT: Are you willing to allow your electricity rates to skyrocket? Are you happy that the U.S. House of Representatives (USHOR) has passed the so-called “Cap and Trade” legislation? Are you pleased that your Representative or his leadership in the House did not even read the approximately 1500 pages of legislation before passing it? It’s not too late to make your voice heard. Call, fax, and email your Senator now. Next, even though the House has voted, let your Representative know how you feel, and require them to pass along your opinion to your Senator. Call your state legislators, call your city and county officials. Make them all hear your voice and heed your words.

Governor or Used Car Salesman?

Arnold SchwarzeneggerThis weekend, California’s Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, stated that he is “happy” that illegal immigrants get state services and says that they are not to blame for California’s $24.3 Billion budget deficit.

This is a shocking statement from the supposed leader of the largest state in the union. The Governor further went on to say that they (the illegal aliens) were only costing an estimated $4 or $5 Billion and that it was a “small percentage” of the deficit.

Honestly, I am getting tired of the duplicity and conscious fraud that our political leaders are engaging in and it should be a crime for them to be misleading the voting population in such a manner. Further, with the complicity of the overall liberal media, where fact has become as scarce as a Republican registration card in California, the Governor can get away with these statements and no one is the wiser. Read more »

The Words of Ron Paul – Part 1

“Could it all be a bad dream, or a nightmare?” Ron Paul (H-TX) asked. “Is it my imagination, or have we lost our minds? It’s surreal; it’s just not believable. A grand absurdity; a great deception; a delusion of momentous proportions, based on preposterous notions and on ideas whose time should never have come; simplicity grossly distorted and complicated; insanity passed off as logic; grandiose schemes built on falsehoods with the morality of Ponzi and Madoff; evil described as virtue; ignorance pawned off as wisdom; destruction and impoverishment in the name of humanitarianism; violence, the tool of change; preventive wars used as the road to peace; tolerance delivered by government guns; reactionary views in the guise of progress; an empire replacing the republic; slavery sold as liberty; excellence and virtue traded for mediocrity; socialism to save capitalism; a government out of control, unrestrained by the Constitution, the rule of law, or morality; bickering over petty politics as we collapse into chaos; the philosophy that destroys us is not even defined.”

“We have broken from reality,” Mr. Paul continued. “…Money does not grow on trees, nor does prosperity come from a government printing press or escalating deficits. We’re now in the midst of unlimited spending of the people’s money, exorbitant taxation, deficits of trillions of dollars spent on a failed welfare/warfare state; an epidemic of cronyism; unlimited supplies of paper money equated with wealth…”

“Of course, it could all be a bad dream, a nightmare, and that I’m seriously mistaken, overreacting, and that my worries are unfounded. I hope so. But just in case, we ought to prepare ourselves for revolutionary changes in the not-too-distant future.” – May 19, 2009

Excerpted from a column by John McCaslin for The Washington Times Online

So We Don't Care About Pork?

April 14, 2009 by Mark Roknich  
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Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) claims that “the American people really don’t care” about the billions of dollars wasted by Congress annually on pork-barrel spending.

We, the 286 million Americans living outside of New York, who didn’t vote for Mr. Schumer, disagree with his mindless chatter. Mr. Schumer, we, the People, DO very much care about your irresponsible borrowing against our children’s futures to fund your profligate pork-barrel spending. In fact, many of us more than just care – we vehemently object.

Perhaps, Mr. Schumer, you should “revise and extend your remarks,” and in the future, speak only on behalf of small minority that actually voted for you. Don’t presume to speak for my family, friends, or the American people.

Listen to Mr. Schumer’s speech, then compare his words to those of Thomas Jefferson:
I, however, place economy among the first and most important republican virtues, and public debt as the greatest of the dangers to be feared.”